Cooper Electric Offers Optional Faith-based Employee Assistance Program

GREENSBORO, NC (March 12, 2012)- Cooper Electric has partnered with Corporate Chaplains of America to provide an optional faith-based employee assistance program. The aim, said Cooper Electric officials, is to offer an exceptional employee care program using highly trained, confidential counselors.

“We are almost a year in, and the program is thriving,” said Cooper Electric President Barry Brown. “The Cooper employees who choose to use this service have found it to be a first-rate resource. Whether facing personal crises, family difficulties or even financial hardship, employees have the option of using this service. Our chaplains are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are fully committed to the care and wellbeing of all our employees.”

Cooper Electric uses two chaplains to cover the territory demanded by worksite operations and corporate headquarters. Chaplains Gerson Torres and Tony Casas, both trained and supported by Wake Forest, N.C.-based Corporate Chaplains of America, make their rounds at Cooper at least once every week, visiting weekly with Cooper employees who wish to participate in the program. According to leaders at Corporate Chaplains of America, employees make all decisions about interaction with Chaplains.

Tony Casas, chaplain for Cooper Electric’s Greensboro headquarters, explained the value of the Corporate Chaplains program for employees and business owners: “Employees have an objective friend, bound by confidentiality, who provides care, encouragement and support that an employer may want to provide, but can’t.”

According to Casas, employees call on him to provide a full range of support services. “Sometimes I may be called upon to help employees manage stress or resolve conflict,” Casas said. “Sometimes an employee may come to me with family or financial issues. Sometimes I perform marriages. Sometimes I perform funerals. No matter what the situation, a workplace chaplain comes to employees with a spirit of help and encouragement, providing spiritual counsel when requested.”

According to Torres and Casas, one effect of a faith-based workplace chaplaincy is a measurable increase in employee satisfaction. “A business owner who approves this program does so because they value and care for their employees,” Torres said. “They want to make sure they are at their best. The chaplains are there to encourage employees, which in turn motivates them and makes them feel valued.”

Brown hopes the introduction of this program will contribute to the continued growth and health of the Cooper Electric team. “We want to be a company that cares for our employees,” said Brown. “We want to provide resources for them when they are in difficult circumstances, and we want our employees to know that we care for the whole person, not just their job performance.”

Corporate Chaplains of America is a non-denominational organization that exists to build relationships with and offer care to employees with personal and professional life issues. The goal of the organization is to care for all employees regardless of ethnic or faith background while doing so in a non-threatening manner and within the parameters of the White House Guidelines for Religious Exercise and Religious Expression in the Federal Workplace.

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